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Do More with the Tezos Crypto Life

Take control of your crypto with the Tezos Crypto Life app designed to enable you to exchange, store, send, and spend your funds all from one seamless app.

Tezos Cryptodraft ™  -  Unlock interest free stablecoins.
Tezos CL Card ™ -  Spend anywhere in the world.
Tezos CL App ™ - Manage your crypto on the go.

Unlock liquidity with a fixed term Cryptodraft

Unlock value against your Tezos wallet with interest free
stable coin payouts.

No need to sell your crypto to access stablecoin payouts.
Up to 50% of the value of your Tezos wallet with interest rates starting from 0%.
Quick & easy application with same day payout.

Spend with ease using the TCL Card

The **TCL Card™ is accepted at over 50 million merchants and online stores across the world.

Withdraw cash at ATM’s globally with ease using your TCL Card™
Select a spending order for your CryptoLife wallets to be used with your TCL Card™
Spend direct from your Crypto Life wallets, with no need to pre-fund your debit card.

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